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Own a Booth

Add Value to your office

Focus Booth is ideal for 2-4 people to have a meeting/discussion without having to book a boardroom. The mobility of it, makes it easy to move wherever you may need it. Be it for privacy or open inviting spaces.

Create a Focussed-Meeting-Place in an Open-Plan-Office

Placing a Focus Booth at the end of a row of desks, creates a location where two colleagues can have a discussion, without involving the rest of the open plan office. The Booth merges with the area it is located in. Find a booth: At the end of a row of desks, in a corridor facing the wall to create a private area for phone calls or focussed uninterrupted work.

  • You don’t have to book a boardroom for a quick meeting or discussion.

  • Functional accessories such as magnetic white board, smart TV.

  • Mobile and reconfigured with ease.

  • Creating a sense of privacy.

  • Collaborate with colleagues.

  • Utilize wasted space.

  • Cost effective, alternative to building rooms.

  • Integrated lighting and power.

  • Make communication clearer.

  • Increase employee job satisfaction.

  • Customize your Focus Booth.