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    Focus Booth
  • Focus Booth
  • Focus Booth
    Focus Booth
  • Focus Booth
Mobile, easily movable from one area to another.
          Meeting for two people.
Boost productivity in a quiet space.
          Excellent branding.
Reception waiting area.
          Power charging.
Training Booth.
          Eye-catching advertising.
After conference, meeting and recharge booth.
Utilize wasted space.
          Product sales booth.
Event booth.
          Registration booth.
Food and beverage seating zones.
          Pause areas.
Meeting zone.
          Create various zones with multiple booths.
Chill out booth.

Fabric Colours

The Focus Booth is available in these colours


If multiple Booths are booked, we can construct it for you into a Meeting Area which can be monetized by:

*Selling corporate sponsorships for the area,
*Leasing out meeting space on an Hourly/Daily rate.

When Units are positioned in an end-to-end formation and the upper half of the wall is removed, your meeting area can now be a Food Dispenser, Café or even Bar by filling the middle space. This makes its uses versatile as you can offer a space to talk, eat, charge mobile devices and have a meeting all in one space.

Various configurations can be created. We are able to assist with floor plan layouts that suit your space and meet your needs.